The Gersons Crew

Alex S.  This is the guy who runs things and can answer all of your questions.

Sam   He will check you out with a smile and some friendly conversation.

Fernando   Our youngest team member. Quiet, but he gets the job done.

Ruben    Mr. Enthusiasm. A voice on our commercials and a great smile.

Dean    Tries to stay out of the way of the crew so they can do their jobs.

Gerardo  Most call him Jerry, but he will be glad to help you by either name.

Monica   The real brains of the operation.  She is also our cabinet expert. You will  be glad you came in when Monica is working.

Danny   A great addition to our crew. A very helpful guy and he speaks Spanish.

 Jorge    A man of many talents. He really likes people and will be pleased to help you find that special item.

Margaret   Keeps our systems working and puts out our newsletters.  We would be counting on our fingers and toes without her.