WE HAVE PAINT!  Thousands of gallons of quality paint at low, low prices.  We have brand new manufactured paint, high quality mistints and recycled paint.  Name brands at the lowest price in town.  Lots of white.  Semi-gloss, satin, flat.  A huge variety of colors in the mistints at only $12.89 per gallon.  

MIstints from major manufacturers like PPG, Menard's, Dunn-Edwards, Diamond, Pittsburgh and many others.  The one gallon cans have the labels cut off, but the color is on top of the can.  Save up to 70% compared to the big box stores for the same paint.

Five gallon buckets of white and a variety of colors in the mistints, all at low, low prices.  Plus we have brushes, rollers, tarps, mixers and more to go along with the paint.